What is premium skincare for us?

We all experience recurring skin imperfections during our lifetime.  Feeling healthy and comfortable in your own skin is not always easy. That is why we at LYKKEGAARD believe, that everyone is entitled to experience exceptional skin health without having to compromise. With a simple, yet effective, daily skincare routine that consists of clean, premium skincare products, you can take the first step.

Premium skincare all comes down to the ingredients and the process behind. LYKKEGAARDs Danish roots have a huge influence on us as a brand. Denmark is considered to be one of the most organic and sustainable countries in the world. In our opinion, high standards in terms of using natural and certified ingredients, should be part of every consumer product. This is the only way we can create and offer sustainable premium skincare products.

The philosophy behind LYKKEGAARD

The philosophy behind LYKKEGAARD is, that skincare has to be uncomplicated. It has to be easy for the consumer to look at our products and spot well-known certifications. We prioritise having certifications that can support us as a natural premium skincare brand. Because of this, all LYKKEGAARD products have the Nordic Ecolabel and four of our products have the Asthma Allergy label. We aim to have some of most trusted beauty certifications in the world, because we want our costumers to feel safe to use our products. Read more about our certifications here

For us, it is essential that our values are clearly stated and easy to read on our packaging. Our products are without an information leaflet, because we want to be as transparent as possible with our ingredients.

Not only are our products’ tubes and bottles made from recycled plastic, each product you buy also plants a tree. At LYKKEGAARD we aim to support causes that prioritise to treat the climate sustainable and with respect. We support OceanCare.org and OneTreePlanted.org, because we accept our responsibility to preserve nature and contribute to a greener future.

Read more about our story, DNA, certifications and ingredients here

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