Having the right products to nurture, clean and protect your skin is key. A regular routine is therefore central in achieving healthy skin. For our founder Mette, Saturday morning means selfcare and prepping the skin for the upcoming week. Mette’s weekly Saturday morning routine consists of three simple steps.


The first step in Mette’s routine is exfoliating with the Purifying Facial Scrub Mask. This can be used as either a scrub to exfoliate the skin, or as a mask to effectively bind residuals. In Mette’s routine she massages the product into damp skin in circular motions to exfoliate the skin and leaves it on for five to ten minutes, getting the full benefit of the mask. The Scrub Mask consists of a number of active ingredients to refresh the skin for the following week. Aloe vera, sunflower, shea- and oat butter hydrates and nurtures the skin and provides an elevated feel. Cucumber, as Mette mentions, has anti-inflammatory qualities. This is a key ingredient in repairing dry and damaged skin and helps obtain a softer and smoother appearance.


After exfoliating the next step in Mette’s routine is to cleanse and tone. This step is crucial in her routine, because it removes everything that your skin has absorbed throughout the day.

Mette uses the Micellar 3in1 Face Tonic and for her this product is a definite must-have, due to its diverse use. The product cleanses, removes make-up, tones and moisturizes the skin. The Micellar 3in1 is recommended to be used morning and evening but is also a mild and refreshing product that can be used throughout the day. The application is simple: apply to a cotton pad just as Mette demonstrates, and gently wipe across your entire face. With the combination of ingredients consisting of oat, acai fruit, vitamin B5 and olive leaf, your skin is left feeling refreshed and nurtured. The astringent qualities of olive leaf leaves your skin primed and ready for the next step in your routine, in Mette’s case – moisturizer.


The last and final step in Mette’s Saturday routine is moisturizing with the Anti-Pollution Protective Face Cream. This product consists of natural and organic ingredients such as White Horehound, Nordic Oat and Cloudberry extract. These ingredients are proven to protect the skin against- and remove pollution buildup. This product has a light, natural scent of freshness, fruits and flowers and is ideal for daily use every morning leaving you with a natural healthy glow. The Anti-Pollution Protective Face Cream leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated from plant-based oils from olive, sunflower, avocado and shea butter. For Mette, this final step leaves her skin feeling ready and protected for the day.


It’s hard to know when and how to use different products, and in which orders. Most of us don’t have a natural knowledge of what order to apply skincare products. But it can be crucial to know the order and how to use the different products, in order to create a routine that works. In Mette’s case, this is her regular Saturday morning routine. The first step of exfoliating leaves the skin ready and prepped to properly absorb the following products. The cleansing of the skin using Micellar 3in1 removes the last fragments of the Purifying mask and leaves her skin primed, clean and ready for the last step of moisturizing. This simple routine leaves you and your skin ready and prepped for the upcoming week.

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