Showering – the same theme as last week. When keeping our shower routine quick and easy, we often skip a couple of necessary steps. However, these steps provide many benefits to those who make time incorporate them into their regular routine. And what are these extra steps? Scrubbing and moisturizing. These steps go hand in hand. Exfoliating your skin with a scrub will leave it ready to absorb the moisturizer. The change will most often be instantly noticeable and will improve as you remember to start moisturizing daily. We will explain the benefits of these steps, and how to optimally nurture your skin.

There are several benefits of remembering to scrub and exfoliate your skin. Adding this step to your shower routine can create noticeable differences in your skin. When using a body scrub, you are removing dead skin cells and bringing out your softer skin below. Not only do body scrubs make a difference on your skin appearance, they also improve the health of your skin.

Dead skin builds up when you are not exfoliating and can clog your pores causing blemishes on the surface of the skin. Therefore, when using a body scrub you are reducing the probability of these blemishes appearing. The experience of using a body scrub is also the ideal way to relax and release stress.

Wake your mind and body up by stimulating your skin with LYKKEGAARDs’ Energizing Natural Body Scrub. This scrub promotes cell activity and supports skin resurfacing. The ingredient lava powder gently removes dead skin cells. When using body scrub remember to maintain gentle pressure – don’t scrub too hard, and after use rinse thoroughly.

The Nordic ingredient bilberry extract soothes yours skin, creating a smoothed and soft feel after showering. The Energizing Body Scrub leaves your skin refreshed and with a light natural scent of tangerine and rosemary.

Applying a hydrating body lotion after scrubbing is the most important step to help seal the moisture in your skin. Moisturizing right after yours shower is key, as the hot water actually strips all moisture and oils out of your skin, leaving it dry. Using body lotion locks in moisture and hydrates the skin, while smoothing and soothing the skin. With key ingredients like Nordic Oat Extract and Bilberry Extract the LYKKEGAARD Balancing Nurture Body Lotion will leave you skin feeling nourished and pampered after use.

To create the optimal moisturizing effect, the product also consists of Olive Oil which has the ability to deeply penetrate the skin, thoroughly nurturing it. Another ingredient that creates moisture for the skin is Shea Butter which leaves a thin layer on the skin, smoothing and moisturizing it. The product also delicately scents your skin with a natural light fragrance of rosemary and tangerine. This is a way of adding a light and subtle scent without it being too overpowering.

Our recommendation would be to add these two steps to your routine as soon as possible. The combination goes hand in hand and will leave you with a noticeable difference in your skin. Lastly, we’ll leave you with a few extra pro tips that you should be aware of besides these two steps. Watch the temperature of water – long burning hot showers are not optimal for your skin, or the environment. Instead shower for a shorter amount of time with warm water.

Also remember to pat your skin dry instead of rubbing. This will help retain the moisture in your skin and leave it ready to be sealed in with the body lotion. Finally remember to drink more water – the moisture your skin receives also comes from your body. All of this may sound like a lot, but the tips are key to helping your skin stay soft, soothed and supple creating a more youthful looking skin. Remember, the benefits are many – so nurture your skin!

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