Showering is the time of the day where we truly get to relax. The shower is a therapeutic space where we can disconnect from our usual surroundings and is typically a part of our daily ritual. Either as a way of refreshing ourselves and starting the day or unwinding at the end of a long day. Surveys show that showering helps to improve health and also relieves stress. Therefore, it’s essential to have the right products to create the feeling of refreshment and relaxation.


While showering has benefits for the mind and also creates a feeling of relaxation, it is also essential to have products that benefit your skin and body. Searching for the ideal product that both cleanses your body while moisturizing and nurturing can be difficult. Especially if you also prioritize having clean and organic products.

A product that ultimately fulfills all these needs is our body wash. With our use of organic ingredients, the benefits are many. Our key ingredients in our Body Wash consist of Nordic Oat Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Bilberry Fruit Extract.

So, how do these ingredients benefit you?

For you, these ingredients may sound unknown and maybe even  insignificant? And that’s why we want to explain the benefits these specific ingredients have for you, your skin and body.

  • Oat Extract works as an antioxidant and also moisturizes, smoothens and nurtures the skin with its high concentration of silicic acid and minerals.
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice creates a cooling and protective layer on the skin, while also giving moisture. Aloe Vera also contains vitamins and proteins that nurture the skin. This ingredient is optimal for every skin type, but especially for irritated and dry skin.
  • Bilberry Extract is a powerful antioxidant that slows down premature aging and also works anti-inflammatory helping relieve irritations.

Therefore, when using the Relaxing Moisture Body Wash you can allow yourself to relax in the shower, with a mild product. The Body Wash nurtures and softens. The product leaves your skin with a light natural scent of tangerine and rosemary.


We openly talk about the latest beauty products for face and body, but not many discuss the intimate hygiene. But why is this such an unspoken topic? In our opinion skincare shouldn’t stop where some taboos still start. In fact, sustaining our skin means covering all areas – including the intimate. And while showering, why wouldn’t you want to care specifically for every part of your body?

The intimate area is particularly sensitive, so it’s important to treat it with care. For us, this means using a product that is sensitive, gentle and has organic and clean ingredients. Our Intimate Wash gives all the care it needs. Once again, our products consist of ingredients tailored for the specific needs. The key ingredients consist of Nordic Oat Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Lactic Acid.

Once again, how do these ingredients benefit you?

On the topic of intimate care, the ingredients are especially crucial.

  • Just as earlier mentioned, Nordic Oat Extracts and Aloe Vera help to moisturize and nurture, while creating a cooling and protective layer in the area.
  • Lactic Acid is a crucial part of the Intimate Wash. It is naturally produced and vegan. It functions as a natural barrier against infections (antibacterial) and irritations. As an ingredient it is particularly important because it naturally adjusts the pH-value in the right direction.

When using the Sensitive Gentle Intimate Wash, you are in safe hands because due to its mild composition that gently soothes and cares for your sensitive skin.


So, what do we mean, when we state, “keep it clean?”. Well firstly, this obviously refers to keeping your body clean, refreshed and cared for. After all, sanitary and hygiene is the basis of skincare. Not only this, it also refers to having products with clean and organic ingredients.

Lastly, keep it clean and simple with two products – the essentials, instead of having an overflow of different products. By reducing your consumption of products, you are also contributing to keeping the environment clean. The benefits are many, so our advice to you once again – keep it clean.

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