Ocean Care

A healthy ocean is essential, to keep our climate in balance.  LYKKEGAARD aims to support causes that prioritise treating the climate sustainably and with respect. We prioritize taking care of our oceans, skin and nature. Our hometown Aarhus in Denmark is located by the Baltic Sea. Having the ocean close by, we feel a responsibility to protect our oceans. Therefore, at LYKKEGAARD we try to do our part in maintaining the oceans. Our bottles and tubes are made from recycled plastic. We are therefore part of the initiative to remove plastic from our oceans.


While taking care of our oceans, it is also essential to take care of our skin. Therefore it is relevant to search for certain certifications within the products you use. LYKKEGAARD products are endorsed by three of the strictest existing certifications. This is due to our high aspirations for our product standards. The three certifications consist of:

– The Vegan certification
– The Nordic Swan Ecolabel
– Asthma Allergy Denmark

Certifications can be hard to understand! We have therefore broken these three certifications down.

The Vegan Certification

The Vegan Certification is the most reliable international vegan standard since 1944. The certification has a specific international standard for authentic vegan products. Products with this certification are made ethically. LYKKEGAARD do not test on animals, and have no use of animal product, by-product or derivative. We support the vegan cause and fight for animal welfare with this certification.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the world’s toughest and most recognized environmental certification since 1989. The ecolabel is proof of the effort to reduce a product’s impact on the environment. It shows that the products meet both environmental and health requirements. This certification emphasizes that our products are free of microplastics. Lastly, we prioritize having products with a sustainable lifecycle.

Asthma Allergy Denmark

This certification is the most respected product assessment for allergens worldwide since 1971. Four of our products have the Asthma Allergy certification. The product recipes have been critically assessed with the purpose of preventing skin allergies and protecting sensitive skin. The products also avoid allergens and are suitable for people with asthma.

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