Renew your skincare routine with Clara Lykkegaard

Many of us begin the new year with hopes and dreams of what is to come. We set goals and intentions for the changes and new experiences for our career, our family, and our routines. However, March comes around and we find that our goals and intentions have not been fulfilled. We have invited Clara Lykkegaard to guide us through her all-natural skincare routine to help you start the year with a goal that you can easily achieve:

How would you describe your go-to skincare routine?

My day begins with cleansing my face with LYKKEGAARD Refreshing Facial Cleansing foam. After that, I apply the LYKKEGAARD Micellar 3in1 Face Tonic to a reusable cotton pad and gently dab it into my face before finishing with my favourite LYKKEGAARD moisturiser, ANTI-POLLUTION Protective Face Cream.  At the end of the day, I once again use the LYKKEGAARD Cleansing foam and the LYKKEGAARD Face Tonic to remove my makeup and any buildup that has accumulated throughout the day. After that, I apply the LYKKEGAARD Revitalising Moisture Night Cream which works while I sleep.

How did you start your skincare routine?

In my opinion, it is essential to understand your skin, so that you can provide it with the care and ingredients that it requires. When I discovered that my skin required something different than what I had been using, I rapidly switched from harsher cleansers and moisturisers to softer and natural products. Because I’ve always had sensitive skin, I knew I needed products created particularly for it. 

When I discovered the products that could provide my skin with the care it required, I set a goal to make my skincare routine a permanent part of my daily routine. Sometimes the day just flies by, but I always know that I have two minutes to myself in the morning and in the evening. As the time has passed, it has become a natural part of my day, and I can feel and see a significant change in my skin compared to before I started my routine.

Can you see a difference in your skin after consistently making time for your skincare routine?

Yes, I most certainly can. I notice fewer skin related problems now as I am cleansing two times a day, and my skin has a natural glow that it did not have before.

How does your skincare routine improve your general well-being?

I enjoy taking the time every day to care for my skin, especially my face because it is essential in my profession as an employee at a skincare brand. It is very important for me to choose skincare products that clearly state which ingredients can be found in their products. Organic ingredients and clean skincare, as well as sustainable packaging and vegan products, are very essential to me. As I live in a big city, it makes me feel better knowing that my skin is protected from pollutants and harmful bacteria.

Do you have time to do your daily skincare routine every day? 

There are days when I don’t have time, and that is okay. A routine should not be forced, but rather be something that you actively choose to do every day. That way it doesn’t turn into a chore that I have to do, but rather something I prioritise, even if it means waking up five minutes earlier and going to bed five minutes later.

If I am spending the night away from home, I always pack a pouch with products that are vital for the health of my skin. In that way, I always know that I can complete my skincare routine despite not being home.

What do you do if you have left the house without your skincare products?

If I leave the house without my trusted bag of products, I usually choose to skip my daily skincare routine. I am not keen on using products that I don’t know, or that might cause a breakout or a rash. If I am away for an extended amount of time without my normal skincare products, I will try if I can find them in a local store or order them online.

Do you have any products that you use one a week to give your skin an extra boost?

I usually use my LYKKEGAARD Purifying Scrub Mask once a week to gently exfoliate the skin and remove all of the dead skin cells. I love how fresh and hydrated my skin feels after using the scrub mask; it also allows me 10 minutes to perform some breathing exercises, journal, or cook.

What advice would you give someone who wants to make their skincare routine a consistent part of their day?

The first step, in my opinion, should be to learn about your skin and understand what it requires. There are virtually as many (skin)needs as people, so while some may require more moisture, others may find that this causes their skin to become more oily. Following that, my advice would be to find products that meet those needs and, if possible, get a trained professional to help you create the perfect skincare routine.

Finally, do you have any other skincare tips that you can share with our readers?

A regular skincare routine may take some time, but it makes all the difference.

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