Christmas Gift Guide: Spoil the women you love with LYKKEGAARD & NATURIGIN’s Christmas favourites

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift to spoil the women in your life?
Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate and show our loved ones that we appreciate them. But the search after the perfect Christmas present can also make December a busy and stressful month. At LYKKEGAARD and NATURIGIN, we believe that the joy of giving should in fact be a joy. Therefore, we have joint forces to create the ultimate Christmas Gift Guide. We hope to help you find the perfect self-care products for the women you love.

The joy of sustainable giving

Christmas is the perfect time to give back to the people in your life, say thank you and reminisce. At LYKKEGAARD and NATURIGIN we love to give back. All of our packaging is recycled and reusable. In collaboration with the organisation One Tree Planted, we also plant a tree for every product we sell. We believe that beauty, sustainability and health are intertwined. This is why both LYKKEGAARD and NATURIGIN have received some of the best certifications that ensure the well-being of our skin and our planet. Our certifications include the Nordic Eco label to ensure that your products are free of harmful chemicals, whilst supporting the sustainable conversion of the beauty industry. We believe that transparency is essential. We want to ensure that our customers have the best prerequisites for choosing their skincare products sustainably. You can read more about NATURIGIN’s certifications here and LYKKEGAARD’s certifications here.

LYKKEGAARD & NATURIGIN’s Christmas favourites

With Christmas quickly approaching, it can be hard to find the perfect gift to the woman that you love, that shows her that you appreciate her. But do not panic! In collaboration with NATURIGIN, we have selected our christmas favourites, to ensure the ultimate Christmas pampering.

Start your day with LYKKEGAARD MICELLAR 3in1 Face Tonic

Start your day with our MICELLAR 3in1 Face Tonic to greet the day with a fresh and clean face. Our MICELLAR 3in1 Face Tonic gently cleanses the skin, removes all make-up while still adding moisture to the skin’s deeper layers. The product can be used on your face, neck and decollete. The concentrated molecules that are invisible to the eye, actively attract makeup and impurities as if it was a magnet. They cleanse the deeper layers of the skin without disturbing the skin’s natural oil barrier while also hydrating. This product carries certifications from Vegan Society, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Asthma Allergy Denmark. Shop our MICELLAR 3IN1 Face Tonic here.

We age with grace with LYKKEGAARD’s AGE GRACEFULLY Hyaluronic Acid Power Cream:

It is only natural to grow older. Therefore, AGE GRACEFULLY is a confrontation with a culture that sees growing older as a negative consequence, instead of a natural one. The beauty industry often portrays growing older through anti-ageing campaigns, despite it being the most natural condition of life. At LYKKEGAARD, we want to change the way we think about- and portray growing older.

We believe that signs of age should be embraced instead of being concealed. You are your skin, therefore it is important to take care of it, no matter age. AGE GRACEFULLY is a nourishing and moisturizing cream that reduces wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating the elasticity of the skin. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid moisturizes and improves the structure of the skin, whilst Nordic sugarcane stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen. AGE GRACEFULLY leaves your skin smooth and soft, with a beautiful and radiant glow. This product carries certifications from Vegan Society and Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Shop our AGE GRACEFULLY here

NATURIGIN’s Thickness Booster Shampoo and Conditioner:

Do you, like us at LYKKEGAARD, dream of having voluminous hair? The combination of two of our favourite NATURIGIN products, Thickness Booster Shampoo and Thickness Booster Conditioner, gives your hair the best possible precondition to achieve voluminous and healthy hair. NATURIGIN Thickness Booster Shampoo lifts the hair at the roots, ensuring body and extra strength, preventing it from looking dry and flat. Natural and organic ingredients such as aloe vera, bilberry, nordic cotton grass and sea salt cleanses the hair and rejuvenates the skalp to attain fullness without weighing the hair down. 

NATURIGIN Thickness Booster Conditioner gently nourishes and softens the hair without weighing it down. Ingredients such as avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, bilberry and nordic cotton grass nourishes the hair from root to end, adding moisture for a healthy shine. The synergy between these two products will ensure you the best and most voluminous result, giving body to your hair preventing it from looking dull and flat. Shop NATURIGIN’s Thickness Booster Shampoo and Conditioner here.

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